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  • Welcome to Hinduwedlock

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www.jyothimatrimony.com - For Brahmin Community only

www.hinduwedlock.com - Form Hindu Community only 

(Both websites are run by Smt. Jonnalagadda Jyothi)


We first started our Advertisements through ‘C’ Channel in the year 2001 and slowly extended to various Telugu and English Newspapers. Our name became popular once we started giving Media Advertisements through Bhakti TV Channel in the year 2009. We continue to keep giving advertisements almost through out the day in various forms like FCT’s, 10 Seconds, 30 Seconds Advertisements.

In the month of September, 2011 one of the popular Women based channels Vanitha TV had requested us to fill the slot for most popular show i.e., TALAMBRALU basing on Marriage related problems which was being aired every Sunday at 08.30 AM. This programme was for one hour and it covers most of the events explaining various Hindu Marriage Rituals performed during a Marriage, Marriage related problems faced by the general public, questions asked and answered regarding Marriage related issues. This programme became popular since it was aired on Prime Time in Vanitha TV from 08.30 AM to 09.30 AM every Sunday which was best suitable for general public to watch. Eventhough our Service is limited to Brahmins at that time, this particular programme aims at making Hindu people make aware of the rituals done in a Hindu Marriage.

Basing on the peoples’ request we have also started the same programme in Bhakti TV Channel under the title ‘SATAMANAMBHAVATHI’ on every Sunday from 11.00 AM to 12.00 Noon. The same programme is still being aired between 11.30 AM and 12.00 Noon. Everyone is aware that Bhakti TV Channel is covered in several countries and is the most viewed Devotional channel among parents in different countries and most viewed in India. Bhakthi TV Channel has become more popular as it is the only channel who had started Lakshadeepotsavam Event in the year 2012 at NTR Stadium and continued in 2013 and 2014 in the form of Kotideepotsavam. These Events were viewed by crores of people in different parts of countries. With this New Concept by Bhakthi TV Channel other TV Channels and Temples also have started this by doing Lakshadeepotsavam in both Telangana and Andhra. Thereby, the popularity of Smt. Jonnalagadda Jyothi also has risen manifold and hence the Matrimonial Bureaus also. This is to inform that Jyothimatrimony was the Sponsorer for Bhakthi TV's Kotideepotsavam Event in 2014.

We have also done programmes in HMTV and RVSTV under the titles ‘KANYADANAM’ and ‘PELLINATI PRAMANALU’ every Sunday at 10.30 AM to 11.00 AM and 10.00 AM to 10.30 AM respectively for a period of one year to go more close to our clients. Once the Agreement was over we have stopped doing programmes in these channels. These programmes were for half an hour duration covering the present scenario on Hindu Marriage rituals and general marriage related problems and issues useful for irrespective of caste or creed.


1. 1. The purpose of designing the Programme is to educate the youth towards the diminishing culture and values while performing Marriages. The present youth are in the view that they are enjoying the life as of now, but then why marriage proposals now. Instead make hay while sunshine. Go, enjoy the life as long as you can and let the time come for marriage. Indirectly this is nothing but importing the foreign culture into our system. Sastras are very particular as it definitely insists all to get married. Sastras won't point out to great Swamiji's who have already into Sanyasam. One cannot remain as Brahmachari nor try to imitate Sanyasi. People do not know the pros and cons of remaining as Bachelors. We try to inculcate into the brains of the present generation.
2.  The very basic mistake the present generation is doing is to get separated immediately after the marriage. This is a problem created by the present youth and not created by God. Morever, Sastras particularly say that there is no word 'DIVORCE' in our Hindu Culture but to remain united until the couple are alive. They should be separated only when one of them dies. Infact no one knows this fact and surprisingly parents won't even discourage them from being separated. We have to fight it out till the end to erase such a bad culture.
3. In the present scenario people have plenty of money to perform their son's/daughter's wedding, inviting their relatives and friends from every nook and corner of the world, looking well at Astrology related details, a good vedic brahmin to utter vaidika mantras, purchasing designer collections etc., every aspect of marriage is looked into very seriously but the main purpose is getting defeated as far as systematism is concerned. While performing marriage by the Brahmin, various mantras pertaining to each item have different meaning as to how a newly married couple will undergo during their journey into the married life. How many people know that there is specifically a mantra for protecting Mangalasutra for all our beloved married brides. While performing such Activity couple are engaged in showing their faces towards cameras for posing for photographs. How a smooth married life is expected for a Bride if they do not know the meaning of a such veda mantras. Most of the people including elderly do not know what is 'Sumuhoortham' in marriage. Is this to extend hands on each of their heads while placing 'Jeelakarra and Jaggery' OR tying 'Mangalasutra' OR the removal of curtain placed between the couple OR pouring 'TALAMBRALU' rice on their heads.
We would like to highlight these issues in every programme and educate the youth and others who do not have proper idea on what Sastras and Puranas have told us on marriage related issues. The following are the main issues concerning the present generation and it continues to remain as a question mark as no Media is trying to come forward to overcome such problems.
a) Are we on the right way or path while performing our son's or daughter's marriage?
b) Why Divorce cases have increased manifold in the recent past?
c) Why we had very few cases of separation just 10 years back? What are the reasons and comparison between the past and           the present?
d) Why a boy or a girl should not remain as Bachelor? What is the secret or purpose behind this?
e) Are the girls' behaviour of present generation tally with what our Sastras taught?
f) Why the present generation is reluctant to enter into Joint Families? What are the benefits in Joint Families?
g) Why the present generation girls are not willing to marry Archakas and Purohits of temples?
h) Why there is lack of understanding between the newly married couple these days?
i) Why girls do not like to have more age gap while looking at the boys' profiles? Earlier this was not the case as parents even if      the age gap is 10 years used to perform marriage and most of their lives are very smooth and calm. There are many issues like      this and we would like to explain in detail in every of our programmes.

Our popularity can be best explained during ‘PARICHAYA VEDIKA’ conducted by us every month in different locations, districts and covering all of South India since many customers attend and gets succeeded in fixing their son’s/daughter’s marriages then and there itself. This programme conducted by us is incomparable with any other marriage bureaus who are well established or the ones, which are coming up slowly. Bhakti TV Channel, HMTV, TV5 Cameramen always attend our Parichaya Vedika’s and air the clippings in their News Channels Telecast.


Our success can also be established and proved since our ‘SAMUHIKA UPANAYANALU’ conducted by us for children between 7 and 16 years of age is also a grand success.

Jyothimatrimony’s hungry for success, fire, vigour can be best established since Smt. Jonnalagadda Jyothi who runs this Bureau has received the prestigious ‘MAHILA YUVA SHAKTHI’ Award at Ravindra Bharathi on 14.03.2012 (Wednesday) through Aakriti Cultural Organisation in view of International Women’s Day which is on 7th of every year.


The following full fledged variety of services are provided by JYOTHIMATRIMONY.

1. MARRIAGE SERVICES: Like any other Matrimony service provider, JYOTHIMATRIMONY is an exclusive matrimonial portal and is doing yeomen services since 12 years.

2. INSTANT MARRIAGE: The word 'INSTANT' itself implies that the marriages are performed instantaneously. i.e., Once a profile is registered, we ourselves mediate between the two parties, initialize the process, talk to the prospective brides'/bridegrooms' parents, arrange for a meeting and finalise the alliance. All this process is done within three months from the date of receipt of profile. We have started this service in the month of June, 2012 and are going great with so many marriage settlements in fray.

3. PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: This membership is more advanced when compared to INSTANT MARRIAGE MEMBERSHIP. The features are slightly more and there is every possibility of settling the marriage very early.

4. EVENT MANAGEMENT: This is a big blessing for the parents. The motive behind launching this Scheme is to look after the entire process of marriage related services from Engagement to Honeymoon trip. Some parents may not be in a position to move due to their old age. Some of their children who reside outside India may not be having sufficient time when they arrive in India after fixing a match. They may be having Money, people around them but may not have sufficient time to celebrate their son's/daughter's wedding how they wanted to. We take pleasure in arranging such things according to their Budget, Place and Wish.

5. SAMUHIKA UPANAYANALU: In English this is called 'MASS THREAD MARRIAGE'. Childrens' parents specially in Brahmin community might not have performed timely Upanayanam due to their busy schedule or poverty. We at JYOTHIMATRIMONY welcome such people to congregate at an auspicious date and time and perform their Upanayanam under a valued Brahmin culture. We have already performed twice at Hyderabad and was aired in many Channels.

6.VIVAHA PARICHAYA VEDIKALU: This is to facilitate mass gathering at the venue and time fixed 60 days before the scheduled time. Parents of prospective Brides and Bridegrooms assemble at the Venue fixed by JYOTHIMATRIMONY and exchange their thoughts, views and profiles of opposite parties. We, at the venue read out all the profiles who have registered their sons'/daughters' profiles to facilitate to have an idea as to which profile is suitable to them. We are going to conduct another Parichaya Vedika at Hyderabad on 09.12.2012 (Sunday). This is the Ninth such Vedika, earlier being conducted at Hyderabad (twice), Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Karimnagar, Tirupathi and Guntur. Bytes with regard to all Parichaya Vedikas were already aired by different channels.

7. FAMILY COUNSELLING: Every married individual shall have problems with the opposite sex. Most of the arranged marriages have been successful. Only few are unsuccessful. Likewise, Love marriages are not fully successful. Owing to this some of the marriage relationships are failed due to internal misunderstandings or for some other issues. Parents and their children are the sufferers. This may be due to lack of guidance from the parents or their childrens' immaturity. Problems are not created by the Almighty. If the problems are created by the Almighty then the World itself is in a confused state. Therefore, in a nutshell, problems are created by us and should be settled within us. We, at JYOTHIMATRIMONY give counselling to such parents or children to lead their life in a better way.

8. YOUTUBE: We have been advertising to customers for a very long to go through the clippings which are being uploaded in www.youtube.com whoever had missed our programmes due to power cuts or busy with other schedules. Therefore, people who want to watch our programmes conducted in different Channels may enter the name as 'JONNALAGADDA JYOTHI' in the Serach option in youtube and watch the programmes.


SMT.JONNALAGADDA JYOTHI, is popularly known for her Spiritual and Service to the society through her Matrimonial services. JYOTHI who is a SCIENCE GRADUATE and also a LAW GRADUATE..

Ø Since her child hood she has been a clever student with participation in Elocution and Essay writing competitions., apart from her academics.

Ø She has had spiritual thinking as she is ardent follower of Mata DURGA. This can be proved on Sundays where she records her shows pertaining to spiritual discourses only in Bhakthi TV every Sunday at 11.30 AM. Even though this is a commercial programme except the phone numbers LIVE calls are not considered.

Ø She has had spiritual thinking as she is ardent follower of Mata DURGA. This can be proved on Sundays where she records her shows pertaining to spiritual discourses only in Bhakthi TV every Sunday at 11.30 AM. Even though this is a commercial programme except the phone numbers LIVE calls are not considered.

Ø She has the ability of speaking on any subject Extempore without much preparation in any given scheduled time. This is very much evident as she was called on number of occasions to deliver her speech at various functions and Lakshadeepotsavams. Various channels have also called and have been calling her for LIVE discussions for Spiritual discourses as well as for Festivals . (Video clippings and Images have been enclosed).

Ø She has been Good Analyst who participated in many Telugu Leading TV Channels on various subjects apart from mastery over Social, Cultural, Spiritual and Matrimonial issues.

Ø She has got a CLEAR VISION ON MATRIMONIAL ISSUES towards educating PARENTS and their BRIDES AND GROOMS who has no clue about their future prospects.


1) JYOTHI MATRIMONY.COM started its service in the year November, 1999. The MISSION of this organization is to fix matches for prospective Brides and Bridegrooms AROUND THE WORLD for Brahmin Community only. Managed by Smt. Jonnalagadda Jyothi, , over the years she has performed hundreds and thousands of marriages. The matrimony has got a success rate of 85 % to its credit. Smt. Jonnalagadda Jyothi when she was 28 yrs., opted to serve people for a cause instead of practicing law.

2) HINDUWEDLOCK.COM started its service in the year 2011. The MISSION of this organization is also to fix matches for all Castes pertaining to Hindu Community for prospective Brides and Bridegrooms, AROUND THE WORLD. This new concept of looking for all Castes in Hindu Community has been developed basing on the requests from all corners since Smt. Jonnalagadda Jyothi has been in the media since 5 years. Clients have been requesting to look for Hindu Community also apart from Brahmin Community. Basing on clicents' request we have developed a separate website for Hindu Community in the name of www.hinduwedlock.com and is in the name of Kaparthi Jonnalagadda who is the eldest son of Smt. & Sri Jonnalagadda Ramana Murthy. But, basically the concept of running the Bureau is done by his mother only.

JYOTHIMATRIMONY and HINDUWEDLOCK promise quality matrimonial services at the doorsteps of the people who are looking for their life partners. (The selection process for the Registered members is through separate software designed and promoted by us. This makes us easier by selecting the Brides/Bridegrooms age-wise, height-wise, location-wise, sect-wise etc., thus makes it simpler and user friendly. Probably this may be the first of its kind software in the world).

The rapid growth achieved by us over the years speaks for itself. The profiles could be accessed without any difficulty and your life partner is found easily. Moreover, our specially designed software sends alliance once a suitable profile is registered to both the parties thereby, reducing the precious time in searching from the matrimonial portal.

JYOTHIMATRIMONY and HINDUWEDLOCK have grown leaps and bounds over the years. Situated in Safilguda under Malkajgiri Municipal limits, which is just 5 Kms., from Secunderabad Railway Station, it has got a well furnished office of about 850 Sft., owned by herself with computerized environment connected through Internet facility, it now provides lively atmosphere. (The magnanimous growth in this sector with vide range of facilities available through Internet based services has helped parents to search and select the best partner for their son/daughter around the world.)

JYOTHIMATRIMONY and HINDUWEDLOCK are perfect platforms to celebrate THE GREAT DAY with complete happiness. We plan the marriage function according to the individual's taste and budget and grace the occasion to the utmost satisfaction of the parents.