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  • Welcome to Hinduwedlock

How It Works

New to Matrimonial Networks and has trouble in accessing it? Of course, it was just in recent years, say a decade or so, Matrimonial is getting famous everywhere and comes of great help for the bride and groom to pick their soul mate, with respect to age, interest, religion, education and so many other combinations. The fear of using an online network is gone and is replaced with a sort of faith, and indeed, Hinduwedlock works out everything to keep up its faith and always provides a genuine service. For those who are new to the world of matrimony, Hinduwedlock brings you the ideal procedure to become a part of our “Hinduwedlock” matrimonial services, to get registered and enjoying its benefits, getting to know so many people across the globe, finding people from a healthy background and of course, the most important, finding the right soul mate of your life.

To Register

To get connected with Hinduwedlock Matrimony, it is important to register yourself with the network. All you have to do is, create a user ID and Password and give in details, including your personal details within the ID. Once you have created your User ID and Password, a confirmation mail/message will be sent to your mail address or phone number. It is essential to response to the mail for security reasons and once the formalities are cleared, it is now easy to create a profile, upload a good photograph and feed in personal information for other members to view.

Find the right match

By getting registered with Hinduwedlock, you will be able to view other partners’ profile. But remember, there are a couple of barriers in viewing profile. If you are registering for free, other people will be able to see your profile. By becoming a paid member you can enjoy a lot of benefits such as viewing other member’s profile, their personal information, caste, interest, education, background etc. When you become premium paid members, you can become even more secure like hiding your profile particular members, can access online chat which is not available in normal payment and many other services. By this, you can browse for a perfect soul mate with the right horoscope match and interests which is not only healthy and keeps you happy, but has the potential to satisfy your family as well.

Make way for your preference

With the aid of option like information and the chance to fill in, you can give several information about your personal background, caste, horoscope chart, pictures of yourself, education, career, interest and so many. Like that, you can specify about what you are looking for from the other end. For instance, if you are looking for a groom who has the opportunity to go abroad, you can specify that as a priority for the opposite party to make a note. Likewise, you can specify about the kind of education you are looking for, location that might be convenient for you, about the family background, their career etc. This helps you to select your right choice a handful from the stack of approaches.

Set what you want by Filters

While getting connected with a mass of people, it is indeed natural to have expressed interest from a lot of people. At the same time it is not really possible to tell everybody off. To avoid this it is best to add the option called “Filters”. In this option, all you have to do is, insert your interests and the kind of groom or bride you are looking for. These interests may include education, religion, caste, location, family background etc. Any member, who approaches you, does not come under any of these criteria you have mentioned, their mail or contact will be added to the “Filter” list which ignores all the other unwanted profile that may cause any hindrance to you.