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About Us

A Brief About Hinduwedlock:

Hinduwedlock.com′s Registered Office is located at Hyderabad and run by Jonnalagadda Kaparthi Hinduwedlock is the brain child of HINDUWEDLOCK, whose far sighted entrepreneurs possess service expertise of over 13 years. Their concept is to provide Matrimony services to all Hindus and thus by far breaking the line in not only providing matrimony services for Brahmins but for all Hindus covered globally with the specific request from all the beloved Indians.

Marriage Bureaus are popularly known as Matrimonial Websites are version of various matches making websites, especially for those who access the site for wanting to get married. These Matrimonial Sites are famous for Indians and for those who are settled abroad. They act as a solution and replace the traditional marriage broker who are very hard to find in today′s era.

Why Place your faith in Hinduwedlock:

We crossed a number of borders without any linguistic barriers. Our matrimony network focuses on the same, to unite people of one community without any barrier and to give a complete satisfaction. “Hinduwedlock” has gained immense recognition across the globe and the matrimony service we provide will reach undoubtedly to every Hindu of the globe. We have strongly promoted ‘VALUES OF MARRIAGE’ from the beginning.

It is the parents who have to search for the right partner for their son or daughter especially his/her father whose onus of search lies within him. Dating has never been a tradition in India, something that was not supported right from the beginning of Hindu culture. There was no compulsion for a man or woman to date as parents take all the pain in finding the right partner for their wards and Hinduwedlock helps them in every possibility placing the faith in the almighty. We strongly believe the right kind of love happens only after the marriage and we indeed strive to bring the young hearts and ancient families together.

The purpose of Hinduwedlock services is to educate the youth towards the diminishing culture and values while performing Marriages. The present youth are in the view that they are enjoying the life as of now, but then why marriage proposals now. Instead make hay while sunshine. Go, enjoy the life as long as you can and let the time come for marriage. Indirectly this is nothing but importing the foreign culture into our system. Sastras are very particular as it definitely insists all to get married. Sastras won't point out to great Swamiji's who have already into Sanyasam. One cannot remain as Brahmachari nor try to imitate Sanyasi. People do not know the pros and cons of remaining as Bachelors. We try to inculcate into the brains of the present generation.

The very basic mistake the present generation is doing is to get separated immediately after the marriage. This is a problem created by the present youth and not created by God. More over, Sastras particularly say that there is no word 'DIVORCE' in our Hindu Culture but to remain united until the couples are alive. They should be separated only when one of them dies. In fact no one knows this fact and surprisingly parents won't even discourage them from being separated. We have to fight it out till the end to erase such a bad culture.

In the present scenario people have plenty of money to perform their son's/daughter's wedding, inviting their relatives and friends from every nook and corner of the world, looking well at Astrology related details, a good vedic brahmin to utter vaidika mantras, purchasing designer collections etc., every aspect of marriage is looked into very seriously but the main purpose is getting defeated as far as systematism is concerned. While performing marriage by the Brahmin various mantras pertaining to each item have different meaning as to how a newly married couple will undergo during their journey into the married life. How many people know that there is specifically a mantra for protecting Mangalasutra for all our beloved married brides? While performing such Activity couple are engaged in showing their faces towards cameras for posing for photographs. How a smooth married life is expected for a Bride if they do not know the meaning of such veda mantras. Most of the people including elderly do not know what ‘Sumuhoortham’ is in marriage. Is this to extend hands on each of their heads while placing 'Jeelakarra and Jaggery' OR tying ‘Mangalasutra’ OR the removal of curtain placed between the couple OR pouring 'TALAMBRALU' rice on their heads.

Hinduwedlock would like to highlight these issues and educate every couple who do not have proper idea on what Sastras and Puranas have told us on marriage related issues. The following are the main issues concerning the present generation and it continue to remain as a question mark.

  • Are we on the right way or path while performing our son's or daughter's marriage?
  • Why Divorce cases have increased manifold in the recent past?
  • Why we had very few cases of separation just 10 years back? What are the reasons and comparison between the past and the present?
  • Why a boy or a girl should not remain as Bachelor? What is the secret or purpose behind this?
  • Why the present generation is reluctant to enter into Joint Families? What are the benefits in Joint Families?
  • Whey there is lack of understanding between the newly married couple these days?
  • Why girls do not like to have more age gap while looking at the boys' profiles? Earlier this was not the case as parents even if the age gap was 10 years used to perform marriage and most of their lives are very smooth and calm.
In Hinduwedlock Site you will be able to upload your photograph and furnish your complete details like your personal, professional and family background.We ensure a secured way of accessing our network. The party at the other end will be able to view the profile and photograph to pick the one they think might suit them as a life partner. The information that you provide in Hinduwedlock are quite customized and secured including information such as age, gender, nationality, photograph, Caste, Gothram etc., We, at Hinduwedlock will definitely try to verify each of the registered member′s family background before proceeding for paid membership.